Get An Expert To Write Or Review Your Grant Application

Certified, experienced grant writers get results. Faster. It's that simple.
Now you can put the same expertise that helped clients obtain more than $21,000,000 in the past five years to work for you! Use years of "insider" experience as peer reviewers for many of the governments' key funding agencies and more.
Order An Expert Review Now!


Is your deadline looming but don't feel confident your application Is ready to beat the competition? Do you need a Quick Review with comments and essential edits or a Comprehensive Review with a full examination, detailed comments, edits and suggested revisions within a week?


This online course is unlike any other and is the perfect way to:

  • » Go step-by-step through the application process
  • » Learn as you go
  • » Get one-on-one access to an expert
  • » Get an expert review of your work

Give your organization the best chance to GET (and not just write) a grant!


Options: KWG Grant Consultants

Did you know that you can save money on grant writing by hiring a Reviewer to look at what you’ve written rather than hiring a writer?

Grant Reviewing

Grant Writing

  • The grant specialist reviews, edits, and comments on the application you’ve written
  • Improves the application you have
  • Costs less because less time is worked on your application
  • Brings an expert onto your grant development and writing team
  • Guides and educates your team to improve your application significantly
  • Your agency puts significant time into the application package
  • Your team provides the critical data, knowledge and information

  • Expert leadership is in place from the beginning of the draft
  • Grant professional writes sections of your application some sections you must write
  • Grant professional provides the knowledge and basis for appropriate responses
  • Your team’s time and involvement is necessary to win
  • Costs reflect time spent
  • Your agency puts significant time into the application package.
  • Your team provides the critical data, knowledge and information
  • Consider sending your first draft to KWG for a review of your application. Get our take — find out if your grant team in on the right track…
    Make full use of the resources, experts, writers and staff members your organization already has to write grant application and utilize KWG as your peer reviewer before the narrative ever goes out the door.


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